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Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in the Context of the Knowledge Management Project

1 September 2012
Hagay Kalev
glass pyramid

Maslow's theory of needs assumes that universal needs are met by human beings, motivating them daily.

In this article, we will refer to the knowledge management project in organizations based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs as a tool that allows the organization to look inward and map its knowledge management hierarchy.

To do this, we will borrow Maslow's five needs and apply them to the needs of the knowledge management system:

Which of these levels exist in your organization?

Is there a body of knowledge?

Does the organization have an appropriate infrastructure for knowledge management? Is the knowledge accessible to the user? Is there a management that encourages knowledge sharing? Is knowledge management part of the culture? Are you getting recognition? And the pinnacle of aspirations: Is knowledge management a central factor in the organization's success and leverage? Maslow did not dream that his theory would be applied to knowledge management, which did not even exist when he was alive. Despite its limitations, it is a symptom of great models.


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