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Towards the next big leap...

1 November 2022
Dr. Moria Levy

Towards the next big leap...

[A post for all our global KM members, even though the story is about Israel.]

Yesterday, the Israeli KM community celebrated its annual KM conference, organized by the Israeli KM forum in Israel. The first big physical event after Covid, and indeed- it was a great happening, with much more people than ever.

As to those who took part, it seems it was a very successful event in all parameters. We worked hard to prepare it, Yehuda Vansover and myself, and of course, this contributed to the positive results; however, there was more than that.

Analyzing the event, the main thing I sensed is that we have all the right conditions to enter the next leap forward:

1. People felt safe to share, and also, from the front stage, their uncertainties, where they know and also where they are yet checking, not sure, and maybe even mistaken (thank you, Dani Koltun).

2. People felt safe speaking about their difficulties, working outside their comfort zone, where to achieve business results, they force themselves to work against their nature (thank you, Tami Dubi).

3. We decided and announced the merging of the Israeli KM forum Facebook group into a non-formal other one, admitting it succeeded more, and there is no place in such a small community for two, somehow competing on the hearts and time of our KM members. Both leaders agreed that collaboration working under one title is best for all (thank you, Eli Miron and Itzik Hanan).

But more than all, we saw so many people saying good words to one another, also when not required, or not your friend, paying gratitude to what others have done, looking where to acknowledge, support, and be nice. Yesterday, I found dozen of people writing on Linkedin and Facebook about this event and hundreds commenting and reacting. In Hebrew (coming from Yiddish), we have a particular word for such behavior- LeFargen.

The bottom line: The KM community matured to an upgraded status of trust, sharing, and collaboration.

And this is the time for us to realize taking KM together to a better-added value, a better positioning, and hopefully to better organizations and society.

I wish all KM communities worldwide, being in this same journey, to succeed as well.

Each on its own, and all of us together.

I indeed am happy 🙂.

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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