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Tips for writing a script

1 May 2014

Moran Maravi

In my previous article, I described the combination between video clips and Knowledge Management.

In the article, I explained how combining video clips as a complimentary tool for Knowledge Management processes in organizations can assist in increasing the effectiveness of using the organizational knowledge. For instance, combining short video clips of workers telling about their use of insights managed in the database may provide a personal aspect and assist in understanding the need for insight and motivate others to use it as well. Another option is using video clips as a tool for transferring knowledge to workers scattered all over the country. This method is quicker and easier for the worker when compared to reading a new procedure or listening to a frontal tutorial (besides saving money and time, it increases the chance of implementation).

In this article, we'll focus on tips important to remember when writing a script. Your organization/business decided to produce some sort of video clip and now comes the most important stage. This stage lays the foundation on which the video clip is based: the script.

 So, what is a script?

Wikipedia defines a script as "A screenplay or script is a written work by screenwriters for a film, video game, or television program. These screenplays can be original works or adaptations from existing pieces of writing. In them, the movement, actions, expression, and dialogues of the characters are also narrated. Since you are not attempting to direct a full cinematic feature and most organizations do not hire script writers, I gathered some tips to assist you in writing a script for your video clip:

  • Research: you should know the subject that you're write about. For instance, if I'm writing a script about a certain procedure, it is more than advisable to know the procedure thoroughly and even talk to whoever wrote it.

  • Originality: think of a new, original idea, one interesting enough to become a story.

  • Visuals: focus on the story while using pictures and scenes, rather than using only dialogues and descriptions. Combine pictures and video segments that will generate interest on the viewers' behalf.

  • Focus: focus on the story itself. Do not get lost in lengthy descriptions that will result in a video clip with too many explanations.

  • Division to sections: video clips are usually comprised of several scenes, even if the entire video is quite short. Therefore, when writing the script you must divide the entire story to several segments.

  • Detailed preparation: each scene should be planned in detail: who says what, which characters appear, when each character appears, is there a use of pictures during the video, are there any items that should appear in the video clip. In short, everything you think needs to appear in the clip should appear in the script as well.

  • Process: a good script is usually written after several drafts. Don't feel bad, therefore, if you wrote 3-4 drafts before reaching your story.

  • Another eye: it is highly recommended to consult your colleagues regarding the script as early as the initial rough draft. Hear what they have to say or contribute to the writing process.

Those are the main tips I recommend using when writing a script. Remember, writing a script is the most vital part of producing a video clip and as such investing in it is worthwhile.

For more on the subject, ROM Knowledgeware offers a professional course, unique in its range of content and experience, on producing video clips using available means.  

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