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The new collaboration

1 February 2023
Football players and Chefs

The new collaboration

And here we start again a Knowledge Management Global Network course, and this year on the new collaboration.

Many people I know asked themselves, some even asking me why? The truth? Don't we know how to collaborate? Don't we even practice it daily?

So...yes and no.

Yes, we have experience working together; we all have invested thoughts and time in the past years in teamworking, so we now have to work productively through teams.

But-No! Working in teams is not collaboration. It is something similar, however, different. Working in teams, everyone has their role and responsibility; people synchronize. Collaboration is a different league. Collaboration involves teamwork; however, thinking and decision-making are also performed together in collaboration. And that is a vast difference (thank you Bernard Marr).

What is my main takeaway from the session?

Successful collaboration is managed collaboration (Thank you Madanmohan Rao).

It enables efficient collaboration.

But more important- it enables effective collaboration, having more and better outcomes and turning collaboration into part of our organizational and personal DNA.

Good luck to us all, participating 105 KMers, from 17 countries, led by Olga Smirnova and the team. I am waiting for next week (not too late to join...).

This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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