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The interesting upgrades in SHAREPOINT 2013: Cross-Site Publishing Feature

1 June 2014
Anat Bielsky

Cross-Site Publishing Feature

One of the most interesting innovations SharePoint 2013 features is the ability to display data from one site collection in other site collections and even other web application and farms using Web Parts for searching.

Archived MSDN and TechNet Blogs

The advantages of this method include:

  1. Keeping data in a single site collection in which all content writing and editing helps us avoid human errors since most users view a the content's reflection via this site collection and cannot access it and accidentally edit/delete any data. Furthermore, when we decide to change the content in the site collection designated for writing, the changes appear throughout all sites making use of the same content.

  2. Enables sharing content anonymously in sites that display said content.

  3. Creates a variety of usable website architectures.


How is cross-site publishing accomplished?

  • Define libraries and lists as a catalogue in the site collection in which the Cross Site Publishing app has been activated.

  • Add the lists and libraries to the search index using 'crawling'.

  • Add search web parts to the site collections in which the content will be displayed.

  • By using search web parts in the specified site collections, the search is conducted on the search index that contains data from the libraries and lists in which cross site publishing was defined.

Note: This application is relevant to SharePoint servers only and does not work with cloud environment SharePoint 2013.

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