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The interesting developments in SHAREPOINT 2013: Social Newsfeed features/Micro-blogging

1 February 2014

Elad Piran

Some new features in Sharepoint 2013 are really important…

The personal micro blog is currently the most important tool in the organizational social media's toolbox as it provides added value to the organization and its workers, is very useful, easily utilized and easily assimilated.

Every user of SharePoint 2013 has a personal site (My Site, which concentrates information about the user, as well as his/her abilities, activities and publications). Besides these, each personal homepage has its own micro-blog which is essentially a personal news channel in which the user can briefly post a message or data for other users (alike a twitter account or a short post on Facebook).

Micro-blog/personal news channel features:

  • Sharing: The user can decide who to share his post with: the entire organization, all members of a specific site or all users following this newsfeed. Furthermore, users following this user ("liked" a post) can see which posts this user "liked" on their own newsfeed.

  • Tagging: the user can add a #HashTag to his/her post. A search via the organizational search engine will present this user's personal post. Furthermore, common tags will be featured in the tag cloud for general use.

  • Mentioning: The user can add a @Mention of other users to his/her post and enable them to follow these posts.

  • Additional features: The user can also add to his post media (pictures or videos) and links (URL and hyperlinks).

  • Post management: the user can delete or edit his published posts.

(The information above was collected from reviewed video lectures from

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