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The Beresheet effect: can everyone be entrepreneurs?

1 May 2019
Revital Elazar

I assume everyone has heard of the first Israeli spaceship, Beresheet, which was launched to the moon on February 22nd, 2019. Israel's historic achievement was discussed around the globe.

How did it all start?

Beresheet was a small robotic lunar lander and lunar probe developed by SpaceIL in order to be the first Israeli probe to land on the moon. The probe was stimulated by  the Google Lunar X Prize Contest and represented the first privately initiated moon mission.

Since the founding of SpaceIL, landing an Israeli spaceship on the moon has become a national project funded by philanthropists headed by Mr. Morris Kahn, president of SpaceIL.

This project has manifested Israel's abilities in the fields of science, research and technology. It has undoubtedly swept an entire nation and garnered global praise.

Unfortunately, Beresheet did not land successfully. However, the entrepreneurs heading the project are still hopeful. Beresheet 2 has already been announced.

This raises some questions:

Do you, too, believe in significant technological developments in your organization?

Do you consider yourself believers in technological innovation or entrepreneurship in your organization?

This leads to another important question: what exactly is business entrepreneurship in organization?

Usually, when we hear of entrepreneurship or business entrepreneurship, we tend to think of starting a start-up company or formulating large business plans.

This type of entrepreneurship is common and well-known. However, we usually don't consider the possibility of business entrepreneurship in the organization initiated by the workers. This is especially true for based, bureaucratic and large organizations.

Simply put, what is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the ability and talent to come up with new ideas, invent and implement. Entrepreneurs by nature are constantly searching for new opportunities and ideas, always inventing. These people are resourceful and are capable of turning ideas into actual products that can benefit others.

Should organization encourage entrepreneurship among its workers?

Can workers be agents of technological innovation in the organization?

In many cases, new products and services in organizations were developed due to workers' ideas. Some of these were developed as part of said workers' official position. Sometimes, workers of various official positions have brilliant ideas for a new product or service. Occasionally, workers in a certain position which involves contact with customers leads to better acquaintance with the products disadvantages. They can therefore recognize opportunities to improve the product or process, develop products or other complementary services.

An organization can gain much by encouraging workers to bring up their ideas, and occasionally even granting them the authority to go through with them. It can benefit from these ideas in many areas, including the development  of new products and services, opening new markets to existing products, developing complementary products and ultimately creating new sources of income for the organization.

Encouraging workers to express their ideas enhances motivation and employee retention. Workers that see their ideas being taken seriously and even occasionally implemented become more committed and loyal to the organization.

Not all entrepreneurship in organizations should result with the launch of a new product. In many cases processes can be improved,  work processes can be optimized, and costs can be cut. A worker's idea can save an organization a lot of money.

No guts, no glory

No all initiatives are successful, failure is more than common. However, it is part of the process. Regard failures as learning opportunities rather than organizational catastrophes.

In conclusion

Anyone who is willing and able to come up with ideas and suggestions that can improve/assist/advance the organization as a whole.

They just need a little push. Try it out! You'll be surprised to discover future entrepreneurs all around you.



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