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Successful Collaboration in Organizations

1 June 2022
Dr. Moria Levy
babies communication chart

Babies communicate with their beloved mothers even before they can speak. We all know to share and think we know how to collaborate with the surrounding, at least part of them. Even though we find it challenging to drive successful collaboration in organizations. Today at the KMGN KM advanced methodologies course @Olga Smirnova led us through this session on collaboration in the new world.

Let us start by noting that when we speak about collaboration, we speak of four related terms: communication, connection (engagement), collaboration, and co-creation. And of course, there are four types, depending on with whom we want to experience it: With one person, with a team, with an organization, and between organizations.

Some of the many tips shared on how to collaborate better, addressing the various gaps:

  1. language: use transcript; speak short, simple, smart, specific, and slowly.

  2. Information: Pin the critical message, use groups of chats/docs, set hashtags, structure the documents, and carefully name them.

  3. Engagement: Form a feedback habit; use easy and sexy tools; always turn the camera on.

  4. Energy: Activate yourself; activate the team; turn into being fun (reactions, stickers, and more); combine physical and virtual attributes.

Olga, Vadim, and additional friends collaborated, demonstrating the messages in a fabulous collaborative way. Thank you!

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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