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Social networks: dangerous or essential?

1 June 2021
Freddy Slivanski
Apps on smartphone

Some say that social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn are not only fascinating but required and even essential these days. Others consider them redundant, dangerous and view them as a bad influence on people. The truth is that since they’ve emerged into our lives, the world has changed. Some people might have a hard time adapting to change.


The advantages of social networks are obvious. They are designed to make us feel part of something larger, to connect us to one another or help us in our daily routines. However, if not handled carefully and monitored consciously, they might lead us to very undesired realms. These realms involve people being affected negatively by the immense power these monsters possess.


Social media keeps us in touch with ‘the real world’, which is sometimes not nearly as real as it seems. When we enter social networks, we feel updated on current events, and feel in the right place at the right time. We feel as if we’re where it’s all happening, where all our friends are. That doesn’t sound half bad.


Consider the many organizations and companies that use social media to communicate with their customers or workers. They utilize it as a direct channel via which they can transfer data, discuss, share or simply converse and connect.

That said, social networks are also known to isolate us from our friends and environment. Why would we wish to leave such a comfortable position?

Many people succeed in utilizing social media for positive purposes. Some start businesses, keep in touch with relatives or feel part of a community. However, never forger that social networks are designed to profit huge, international mega-corporations. These parties wish to keep us depending on them.


The question whether social media is a peril or an essential need remains unanswered. Social networks are here for us to enjoy them, and this new, exciting world. However, let us make the mistake of believing anything said or published on social media, but let’s not go some places getting out of would require much time and effort.


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