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So far, somewhat close

1 November 2020
Nir Haim

Normally, with workers working at the workplace rather than at home, they can sense each other. This significantly affects work output, quality, and personal experience. However, lately we have all been coerced to work from home and can feel time pass by slowly, occasionally stop completely. It obviously has not changed its pace, changes are just as frequent in the outer world (outside of our home-office, complete with additional family members). We, as knowledge managers entrusted with organizations' knowledge management, must remember this. As those accustomed to being present at meetings discussing organizational changes, hurrying from meeting with organizational knowledge experts, managers and other parties has become an integral part of our job. It is not there now, at least not physically. Granted, there is Zoom- but it is just not the same. During these unusual times we must remember to always stay alert and adopt new working habits. We must consider how to maintain a high standard and not succumb to these settings. We need to, for example, make extensive use of our scheduling devices since we cannot simply stop by at clients' workplace and sit down for a couple of minutes. Yes, the times are  a changing- but we can change, too!

working from home
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