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Snagit as a quick and easy tool for creating hotspots

1 April 2020

Whether we're writing a newsletter to promote website content, writing a user manual or setting up a mockup you’re your system, our customers increasingly expect us to act in virtual settings as they do in the 'real world'. One way to achieve this is to allow them to click on texts, pictures and knowledge segments found on the item to access further information.

This requires us to create clickable spaces spread throughout the menu containing URL addresses leading to the desired locations: websites, knowledge pages, presentation slides or mockup screens.

The professional term for these clickable spaces is 'hotspots'.

A hotspot can be created in several different ways, depending on the tools we decide to use. These tools include widely available such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or any email service. However, these require a long, complex work process comprised of a tiring number of stages and actions. The wide range possibilities of something going wrong at any stage is reason enough to seek a different tool.

Such a tool is Snagit, a smart and simple screenshotting tool which allows you to create hotspots easily and elegantly.

  1. Click on the 'hotspot' tab

  2. Mark the desired area and add the required link

    (stages 1+2 may require some repetition)

  3. Save the picture (now containing the links) as a mht. file

  4. Open the picture by right-clicking on 'view source'

  5. Enter the picture without the links' address (as a jpg. or png. file) here:

6. Embed the code into the required area

That's it.

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