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Six tips for creating a successful landing page

1 September 2014
Meirav Barsadeh

Even if (theoretically) you have the best product or the best service, if you don’t communicate it efficiently there is a big chance you miss out on many deals.

You must first ask yourself:

  • What is my final goal?

  • What is my target audience?

  • From where do the customers come?

Here are 6 tips that can assist you in creating a successful landing page:


Short and concise


Regardless of what your final goal is, keep your landing pages short and concise. By reducing the load and keeping things short, there is less of a chance that visitors will go elsewhere and a higher chance that they complete the action you desire. Make users focus on what you want them to focus on by utilizing design principles in order to guide towards the process you wish they choose.



It is important to maintain relevance and consistency of the message you convey in the landing page as well as the website in order to create a positive user experience. A visitor wishes to see the relevant to the search he/she performed. If the page does not fit the user's expectations, he/she will quickly move away from the landing page. The user may possibly search for your site in order to continue the search there, but this is not the likely scenario.


Attractive titles

A meaningful proclamation or title will undoubtedly catch the attention of a visitor to your landing page. This is the first thing the visitor sees and should be user in order to 'persuade' him to stay. It is recommended to present the uniqueness of your offer in order to inform the visitor about the advantages of your product/service.

Also, you want to inform the visitor about other benefits they can gain by choosing your product or service. If you choose to focus on the properties of the product/service, describe the advantages in comparison to the abilities.


 Easily converted

Let's assume a visitor 'arrives' at the landing page, reads the attractive offer and even likes it. You now need to lead the visitor towards fulfilling your goal and request these actions in a clear manner. By using buttons or certain colors, visitors know exactly what you want them to do. It is recommended to limit the number of possibilities or decisions that the visitor must make. For example, if you want the visitor to sign up for a free trial period, clearly tell him/her to "sign up for a free trial". Place this call to action in a noticeable location in the upper section of the page.


User Friendly

Create a positive experience regardless of the device the visitor is using. Make your pages Smartphone-friendly and Tablet-friendly, either by creating separate landing pages for different devices or a single landing page that is appropriate for all devices.


The reality test

After all was said and done, after we created our landing page, it's time to test it. Don't follow the tips blindly: what works for one doesn't work for others. You know your workers best and should therefore constantly follow your landing page through ongoing tests/checkups. These tests will enable you to maximize the landing page's effectiveness and understand what the visitors really focus on.


Last small tips- Last but not least

Trust: It is important to gain your visitor's trust. If you received awards or special recommendations, it's recommended to include them in your landing page in order for visitors to see that your product/service is credible.

Video clips: A nice way to feature your services/products. That said, be careful not to distract your visitors from the final goal

Loading speed: Make sure your landing page uploads relatively quickly. As mentioned above, you have limited time to gain the visitors attention and while he/she wait for your page to upload they may simply leave.


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