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Sharing sometimes requires out-of-the-box thinking

1 December 2021
Dr. Moria Levy
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And again, we meet on our ISO30401 team, planning ways to foster the global implementation of the KM standard. Easing implementation requires a toolbox: guides, presentations, templates, and forms. As experienced knowledge managers, we do not want to develop everything from scratch, rather collect materials that were already prepared. But here comes the catch. Too many of those materials were developed by KM consultants that make their living from such projects. So even if they are kind and willing to share some of what has been prepared, we as a KM community have to protect them by figuring out a way to share yet safeguard them and their needs.

Giving them credit for what was shared is a nice idea, but not enough. Something better is required. As usual, brainstorming has advantages, and critical thinking helps us out here. We will ask people to share part of their stuff- as to what is convenient to them, but also to share highlights of the remaining materials. That way, organizations can learn the directions and decide whether to continue by themselves or address those consultants for help. WIN-WIN. Organizations get a starting point, KM consultants get an opportunity for new projects, and we, as the global KM community, continue pushing forward the KM standard and the KM level around the globe.

Anyone who has ideas or materials regarding ISO30401 implementation- please send them to me, and we will add them to the new toolbox. Once it gains momentum, we will invite you all to come and consume the content. Waiting for you all.

This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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