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SharePoint 2013: on Dragging and Dropping

1 March 2014

One interesting improvement in SharePoint 2013 is the use of the "drag and drop" method. There are two main uses for this method:

  1. Adding and updating links on a website's navigation bar

  2. Adding and transferring files between document

Adding links to website's navigation bar:

One can "drag" a link and "release" it directly into a website's navigation bar. In order to add links using the 2010 version required:

  1. Entering "Site Action">>"Site Setting"

  2. Click on "Top Link Bar" under "Look and Feel"

  3. A screen will then open. In it, one can add and edit link lists so that they appear on the upper link bar

The process is faster and simpler when using SharePoint 2013. The upper link bar and navigation bar beside the Quick Launch there is an Edit Link button. Clicking on this button shifts the link bar to 'edit' mode and enables dragging links or files into the link bar.   When the editing is complete, click "save" to save changes.

Adding and transferring files between file libraries:

  • Adding files: files stored on users' computers can be dragged directly into the file library

  • Transferring files between file libraries:

    • First, make sure your designated file library is listed on the Quick Lunch bar.

    • To drag the marked files to the relevant file library, consider the following guidelines:

      • The files are transferred to the new file library. A copy does not remain in the original library.

      • Files cannot be transferred from one site collection to another.

      • Saving previous versions: file editing history can be displayed in the file library to which the files were transferred if the "versioning" feature was activated in said library.

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