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SEO - Search Engine Optimization On optimizing search engines/promoting websites in search engines

1 June 2018
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When searching for content of any kind on the web we usually use search engines. When using search engines, how many possible results can we possibly reach?Many. We receive thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of results. Some searches even reach millions of results. The results, usually ten results displayed on each page, are spread across many pages.What results and how many pages does an average user read? Few. One or two pages.How does a search engine prioritize its results? How does it determine which result should be displayed on the first page and which on page three hundred and thirty?

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

The field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) deals with this objective: to receive at the top of out search results only the most relevant search results, ranked in descending order according to level of relevance, i.e. what the user meant to receive when searching for the given search (see also "Search Engine Optimization" on Wikipedia).

This is quite simple from the searcher's perspective: I want to find the "best" answer available for my question, the "most correct" content for my need. It is also simple from the website owners' perspective: I want my website to provide the "best" answer on the subject, the "most correct" content in the field. It is essentially a win-win situation.

n practice, this field serves website owners for a slightly different purpose: we use SEO tools to promote our website and raise it higher in the search results. Thus, we use the tools and knowledge mainly for marketing needs. The field of SEO is one of the hottest developing fields in the world of internet. Promoting websites and content on the web are high on demand nowadays and everyone wants to learn this area's secrets.

Hereby are some articles for enrichment on the subject:

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In conclusion, anyone wishing to promote their position in search results should realize that we can write a lot, be the most relevant, and yet turn to an SEO expert to help us take the shortcut. This solution is great, till competition does the same.

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