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Revamping Knowledge Management Practice

1 October 2022
Dr. Moria Levy
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It also happens to us—knowledge management practitioners. We want the best for the organizations we serve, and invest massive efforts- our blood, sweat, and tears in KM activities, yet yield much less than expected. Some projects succeed; however, some do not. We have so many reasons to explain why the organization is to blame, and we believe in it: Meetings are postponed, as too many times, some unexpected events require urgent action. It takes time until people sense the value of KM, and after the big announced kickoff, management is quickly caught up in some other new essential issues. We stay out there with no real support. The bottom line: projects turn even more lengthy, customers loose enthusiasm and some activities are even not completed, or with much less content.

I believe we can and must change the way we perform KM:

  1. In bringing more value. This can be done by changing the balance to providing attention mainly to the specific areas where KM is critical now. In working in an agile mode that is more customer-outcomes centric.

  2. In putting more effort into ensuring our customers do not postpone meetings and cut down resources. This can be done, for example, by committing before starting to specific days of working together (happy Tuesdays), by adding spices (gamification and radical KM) so they enjoy the journey, and again... by showing the value again and again- tangible; now.

We know the limitations of our discipline. It's time we work differently to work through them.

Join Vadim Shiryaev, Manfred Bornemann, and myself in the Knowledge Management Global Network first HacKMthon on Oct 12th, 2022. The three of us will lead a design thinking process, tackling this challenge (challenge 3).

Registration: Here.

Waiting for you all!

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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