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Reuse vs. New-Use

1 February 2003
Dr. Moria Levy
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One of Knowledge Management's main objectives is using the knowledge and information concealed in worker's heads and supporting systems, thus saving the time and effort that would have been invested in reinventing the wheel. The organization aspires to attain an orderly work method retrieve documents, templates, presentations and other types of data which are the result of many hours of work. The term commonly used to describe multiple uses of existing information was "reuse", yet the more precise and appropriate term is New-use. Most workers use documents and existing information as an infrastructure for new knowledge and information while the need for this piece of data is usually similar to the needs which originally lead to the collection of this data or the writing of the original document. Yet, although both needs are similar- they are not identical. In these cases, the document has been newly used and not merely reused.

It is, therefore, safe to say that in the world of development a module constructed once will later be reused. In the world of Knowledge Management, in which knowledge and information are merely prerequisites- the term "new-use" would be more appropriate.

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