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Returning hyperlink

1 January 2003

A returning hyperlink is a simple mechanism which enables creating a "returning hyperlink" from a page on a different website to a page on your website. If you've created a link to a different website which has a "follow me" feature, a message is sent to the website addressed in the hyperlink. As a response, a link back to your website is created automatically. In short, it allows creating a two-way hyperlink between two websites.

The technology behind this application can be easily applied if you have an internet/interant website. There are unique websites that use this interesting application extensively. Every time someone creates a weblog or a new page on the website on a given subject, a central indexing website receives a notification of the new information. Thus, a chronological list of articles published on a certain subject is created.

KMPings is a good example for this type of website. For example, every time someone publishes anything on Knowledge Management, he/she clicks on a button which informs the website of the new added information. As a response, a link is created in the central indexing website to the article's location. This website is a central indexing website which has become an information portal on Knowledge Management. The website contains 200 hyperlinks sent by KM weblog writers.

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