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Research and concept formulation for an optimal User Experience

1 July 2021
user experience designer at work

Many have believed, for quite a while, that an OK graphic artist is the equivalent of an excellent document planner. Today, however, we know better; the field has since greatly advanced as has the concept of User Experiences. Interface planning has become a profession, involving quite a lot of graphics and aesthetics, but hardly as central components.

One of the central phases of any UX analysis process for a digital product (website or application) is the research phase which involves an in-depth analysis preceding the concept formulation. This process includes learning the organization and product’s relevant world of content as well as defining an objective and demarcation.

Some aspects to consider during the research process:

  • Target audience, and consumer and user types.

  • The product’s strategic objectives.

  • Limitation and constraints the organization may face.

  • Digital platforms, including limitation and constraints.

An in-depth research will examine various data sources regarding the following:

  • The organization’s world of content and area of operation

  • Organization’s marketing and business information

  • Relevant business processes in organizational systems

  • The website and app’s current functionality

  • Interviews with organization functionaries, such as management, marketing, sales, service, business development, digital mangers, and computation personnel

  • Target audience Interviews and surveys

  • Listening in and reviewing call centres (to chart FAQs)

  • Analyzing current gaps (both quantitative and qualitative)

  • Analyzing global and local competition (benchmarking)

Research should consider the concept, the various personas and main usage scenarios the product will focus on. When analysing a project management system, for example, one should define the scenarios in which project managers would be required to use the system: Does it include task management? Will project managers be required to prepare flow charts using the system? Etc.

Remember: concept formulation will refer to objectives, needs, obstacles, user habits, current work scenarios, potential effective calls for action or reusage. Research should collect data accordingly to understand not only functionality and scenarios but also their feelings and challenges they may experience as much as possible.

User Experience concept formulation regards psychological, emotional, and technological aspects, as well as human habit. Optimal research will address these aspects and serve as the basis for an optimal UX.

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