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1 August 2015

Lior Moran

Every year, for one day, the entire Israeli nation is united for one cause: to remember.To remember the people that sacrificed their lives so that we can live here safely.This formula of a recurring yearly reminder evidently works. And if it works in the real world, there's no reason it can't work in the virtual world. This situation (a recurring, permanent reminder) helps us learn about certain situations. Creating a "tradition", just like Remembrance Day. It is very popular nowadays to create positive reminders in workplace websites, such as birthdays, Worker of the Month.You may ask at this stage: what are you trying to get at? Well, I suggest that we take the "good reminders" method and apply it to reminders for negative situations that occurred in the workplace. These situations should be made accessible and highlighted in order to create a cycle in turn creating a "tradition". For example:A security event that occurred X years ago. The purpose of the reminder is to better instill the lessons learned from this event, e.g. procedures written since then, a change of behavior.Remembering a data security incident. Once a year indicating on the homepage that information was stolen from a computer via a clickable logo that explains what happened and supplies tips on how to avoid a similar situation in the future. I recommend every work environment to perform an adaptation according to the relevance of the reminder. It is vital to persist in order for the reminder to affect work processes and conduct in the most efficient and effective manner. The reminder can become tradition!

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