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Quick Knowledge Management

1 July 2010

Quick Knowledge Management is a tool that can change the way you manage the projects and thus leverage the project's accomplishments.

What do we mean by "quick"?

Being "quick" in business has become has an important idea in recent years as has Knowledge Management. When referring to quickness in business, one means shifting thinking habits. A quick business is a business that encourages cooperation, prefers the individual over processes and systems, responds to change positively rather than stiffly and plans for the long run. Quickness in business doesn't require a tool, service or document; it requires you to think differently.

Quick Business Management and Knowledge Management can be merged into Quick Knowledge Management. QKM promotes cooperation, generates efficient sharing and crosses barriers such as traditional hierarchies. QKM responds to changes quickly and is an excellent project management tool.

Quick Knowledge Management

Successful project management requires control of all actions. For this to be possible, everyone must know what's happening. Usually, several parties of interest are involved in projects. For these projects to succeed, they must cooperate and share their knowledge. There is no room for rank or chains of command. The only thing that should interest anyone is that the shared knowledge will quickly promote and lead to innovation. For example, if the interested parties hold an "information nugget" that is vital for the project, they must share it. This is where Quick Knowledge Management enters and is embedded in the project's management.

In conclusion, "quickness" means leading a cultural change in the organization. QKM is an active means that values sharing, crosses hierarchies, and helps planning long-term processes.

It may take time- but as it is led correctly, in the long term it is quick.

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