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Professional Loneliness Among Knowledge Managers

1 July 2022
Dr. Moria Levy
video conference

There is a known saying that shoemakers should watch and verify they aren’t left barefoot. Sometimes I feel that this is just the case with knowledge managers. KMers are so dedicated to designing KM solutions for others to share their knowledge, and too many times, at the end of the day- they are professionally lonely, with hardly anyone supporting them, being their professional network of colleagues.

We have spent together, 100 KMers, five months, building our shared knowledge through the Knowledge Management Global Network advanced KM methodologies course. For more than twenty weeks, all those who don't live in Australia and New Zealand (sleeping while we are learning, and learning while we are sleeping) have spent some quality time together. We listened together to the lecturers leading us in KM advanced topics; we were frustrated together when we didn't understand the language or accent. We spent together in small breakout rooms, every time with someone else, thinking together about how to solve the issues raised, but more important than that- just being with our colleagues, understanding that they and we share similar challenges and maybe similar successes.

And now the course is over.

So - yes, next year in February, we are starting another course together. But what till then? How can we retain and even continue nurturing the sense of community built over the past months? How can we help ourselves to continue and act as a community (yes- that is what we are) as we support the organizations we serve?

This is the central question I ask myself every day, and I hope you all help me find the right way to do it.

Together, we started a journey. Let's continue it.

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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