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1 March 2005
Dr. Moria Levy
A computer with a magnifying glass and a keyboard

For years, the term portal has confused us. This confusion is due to the term 'portal' being used for three different (yet related) purposes:

  • As a type of KM solution which combines data, information and knowledge for the users in their field of work and therefore improves their performances as functionaries. This portal was initially referred to as a "work space portal" but was popularly known as a "job related portal".

  • As an one-stop-shop preceding all Knowledge Management application and serving as an organizational 'entrance', renewed interant based on a technologically advanced technique. The organizational 'entrance' is also referred to as a portal.

  • A software platform which enables setting up portal solutions (of the two aforementioned typed).

Recently, in order to differentiate between the three 'portals', the first type of portal i.e. the 'job related portal' has been referred to as a "desktop" or “digital workspace” due to the functions it is used for. Some refer to it as an 'icon-less desktop" in order to differentiate between it and the desktop users are familiar with via using the operation system which serves as background for all applications and screens and is full of many icons representing the applications and documents frequently used. We welcome all positive change and therefore request IT personnel to provide us with new names for these new installments. All we ask for is that these changes be named differently in order for us to be able to follow.

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