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Our Mobiles are Getting Smarter - Business Intelligence Enters the Mobile World

1 November 2010
Mila Pavlock

It was only a matter of time before companies began to understand the potential inherent in incorporating BI applications into mobile devices that accompany us almost everywhere during the day. The idea is to take vast amounts of data and integrate it into practical formats, such as graphs and charts, for sophisticated analysis of business trends. Performing such analyses allows companies to be involved in business trends and communicate with their customers and business partners in real-time, improving service and increasing productivity.

This trend is expected to spread and gain momentum, partly due to the improvement in smartphones' capabilities in displaying graphical information and intuitive interfaces and their optimal adaptation to the visual aspect of BI. Alongside the business trend that advocates of the idea foresee, another trend is emerging - making business data accessible and sharing it, which are some of the prominent principles of the knowledge management world.

In addition to the need to know and inform, accessibility and sharing of information lead to better decision-making, streamlining of processes, and faster proposal of solutions. Without anyone talking about or planning it, KM is becoming an integral part of the process and making its mark in one way or another since making a statistical report or graph available on the mobile screen can be helpful and meet the need for sharing knowledge and information. However, we must remember and pay attention to other essential issues needing clarification, such as user experience and the ability to interact with the displayed information.

Suppose you decide to go in this direction and are faced with choosing from the various suppliers offering the product. In that case, you should consider that the product should contain the following features and applications:

  • Simple and intuitive interface

  • Maximum flexibility so that users can access and communicate with reports/information in any required form

  • Access to company data in real-time

  • Advanced security protects the company's confidential information and prevents unauthorized access.

In conclusion, this is undoubtedly an innovative and intriguing trend, but you should ask yourselves whether it is necessary and whether it is developed enough to meet user needs and provide information at a level no less good than what we get through the devices designed for this purpose.

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