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Optimizing Knowledge items

1 January 2020
Meirav Barsadeh
writing on pos it note

The term 'optimizing' refers to improving content and its accessibility, as well as adapting it to fit the target audience's needs.


Data tends to change and become outdated when not updated on a regular basis. Providing incorrect or partial information, knowledge gaps between different edge users and lack of coordination between staff and field may all harm the organization's image greatly. Both system users and customers may lose their trust in the organization's products and brand.

It is very difficult to blame the employee in these cases, when providing incorrect information or making a wrong decision based on outdated data. Whether an updated work process or a form altered, keeping the incorrect information at a minimum is a must for an organization serving customers, both external and internal.


Since the price an organization might pay due to outdated data is high, ongoing maintenance is required. This maintenance may rely on two elements:

  • Feedback: A response system, enabling the organization to receive feedback from the field

  • Processes: Routines of tracking and locating different occasionally updated knowledge sources

An organization's work plan should involve proactively optimizing content world according to the organization's predefined preferences. Preference criteria may include business activity focused on, the scope of content to be expanded or recurring calls that can be reduced via quality response via the KM system. map recurring questions/calls by locating malfunctions in various knowledge worlds.

Review the response provided in current knowledge items and adapt it, with the help of relevant professionals, to the organization's business needs. Incorporate knowledge items into tutorials and receive feedback from the field. Locate old knowledge items and edit them. Produce reports for exposing hardly used knowledge items and consider adapting them to the target audience's needs.

In conclusion, optimizing content and regularly handling data quality are worthwhile. they will enhance satisfaction of both edge users and service providers. In turn, this will improve service providers' performance. Incorporate knowledge item optimization into organization's work routine.

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