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1 August 2015
Dr. Moria Levy
mail Notification

Nowadays, due to the increase of documented knowledge and information, there is a rivalry between the Push and Pull mechanisms.

Using Pull mechanisms implies that the worker reaches the knowledge through his/her own initiation. Its main disadvantage is that the user doesn't always know what he/she doesn't know and therefore doesn't know what to request.

Using Push mechanisms implies that the knowledge reaches the worker, pushed to him/her by the organization. Its main disadvantage is its violence. It is barging and annoying, is insufficiently focused and therefore includes lots of "junk".

The notification is a good combination of elements from both. In an assigned area, messages are accumulated and organized according to subjects (in order to substantially reduce their amount) about knowledge and information the user should know. A little Push, but moderate. If the user is interested, he/she can perform the pull himself/herself for subjects indeed relevant.

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