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New Mobile trends of 2016

1 February 2016
Moran Maravi

2015 featured mobile devices as its big star and according to evaluations so will 2016. What can we expect to see in 2016 in the world of mobile devices?

  • Smarter Data, Sharper results: We live in a world of "economy by demand" and companies such as Airbnb have made the idea of shared economy a reality. Similarly, in the mobiles' marketing space "data pooling" will become a reality this year. Nowadays, rich data sits in several locations such as electronic trade companies, taxi applications etc. All these companies hold certain insights regarding their client a possible scenario sees data from multiple sources merged together. This merging will enable marketers to learn richer insights regarding their users. This situation consists of potential cooperation between the companies that hold data and those that can profit from it. Advertisement companies will lead this trend and will supply data from multiple sources.

  • Video advertisement: 2015's mobile advertisement costs passed the 4.5 million dollar margin and it is safe to assume that 2016 won't be any different. Video advertisement generates high engagement. A 30 second video clip enables the user to view more content and enjoy a user experience with a higher level of involvement. Sound, too, enables advertisements to catch more attention and is therefore more attractive to advertisers.

  • The return of cellular websites: This coming year will feature a comeback of cellular websites since many organizations have taken users' needs into consideration. This year will focus on cellular websites as well as applications that will provide a fascinating user experience.

  • Relevance and adblock: A main challenge the mobile advertisement branch struggles with is the increase of mobile adblock applications. The result is yet to be felt in cellular media, since applications mainly affect the web, leading to organizations shifting their advertisement budget to advertising in applications. The most significant move marketing are making in order to fight back is presenting advertisements relevant to mobile users. Remember, the original reason adblock software have been developed is that advertisers missed the whole point of advertisement; repeatedly disturbing someone with advertisement content when he/she is uninterested.

  • Payment Options: Cash, plastic and now Mobile; it's only a matter of time till your cellular phone number becomes your virtual credit card or bank account number. Mobile wallets will be used for all purchases (from groceries to fast food orders) and will be rechargeable for internet purchases as well.

  • Complementary clothing items- Fitbit, Moto 360, IWatch: Everybody wants a piece of the mobile accessory pie. According to forecasts regarding 2016, these items will usher in new advertisement medium integrating popular social media platforms, video channels and even enable DMs.

  • Apps, Apps and yet more Apps: Companies such as Uber and others intend to make extensive use of the term 'shared economy' which has already been mentioned in this review and is extremely popular in evolving markers such as China and India. Commercial companies such as Amazon and eBay hold sales exclusively through mobile devices as well as offer a special discount if the products are purchased via applications. Communication companies and e-marketing companies hold large amounts of user data, so this coming year will probably feature applications which offer a more personal experience (primarily foe purchasing products that suit each specific user).

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the year 2016 will directly continue rising trends in the field of video advertisement which have begun in 2015. It seems that mobile devices will continue to be an inseparable part of our lives and will break out into other fields.


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