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New KM: Creative Collaboration and Ideation

1 August 2022
Dr. Moria Levy
virtual meeting

 I am speaking a lot about the “NEW KM”.

Today's event of Knowledge Management Global Network, a Pre-HaKMthon, was a great example demonstrating how the idea turns into reality.


So, what happened today, and how did we act “NEW KM”?

We held a gathering, one of several, in our journey towards the first KM global hackathon in October.

Thirty people took part, representing ten countries.

Point #1: New KM crosses disciplines or cultures. We learn more when we are diverse.

We have set two objectives:

  1. To decide upon the specific challenges for hacking the HaKMthon projects.

  2. To enjoy: From being together, acting in a creative mindset, and having fun during the happening.

From participating in the event and hearing the people, it seems that both objectives were met.

Point #2: New KM involves both our mind's left (cognitive) and right (creative) hemispheres.

We have built ideation on knowledge and collaboration: We called in for KMers who hold existing knowledge assets on the challenges and potential partial solutions. We set breakout rooms and enough time to work together on the tasks, co-creating the best directions to the HaKMthon.

Point #3: Leverage your business based on knowledge and smartly collaborate towards the target.

 We delicately embedded structured tasks with a place for flexibility, moving from diverging to converging again and again.

Point#4: Methods and their opposites: Open and close, structure and set free, enable people to dream and fulfill, driving us all to reach new horizons.

 There are more points to the new KM, but this is a beautiful start.

Waiting for the HaKMthon. From WOW to WOW.

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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