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New Collaboration- Coming to an end

20 June 2023
Dr. Moria Levy
people sitting around a table with a joint puzzle

After 19 engaging sessions, we're concluding the @Knowledge Management Global Network's New Collaboration course. This progressive journey was based on four integral layers - starting with enhanced communication, progressing through connection and collaboration, and culminating in co-creation.

So, what have I learned?

  1. Collaboration in today's interconnected era (spanning cultures, organizations, and virtual spaces) is imperative. As knowledgeable as we are individually, collective effort proves to be far more effective.

  2. Diversity is our strength. Our differing roles, perspectives, agendas, objectives, cultural backgrounds, and ages enrich our collaboration.

  3. To convert this diversity into a treasure trove of collaborative success, we must:

    • Acknowledge our diversity.

    • Be receptive to others, attentive and understanding of their viewpoints and needs.

    • Cultivate mental adaptability or "mindflex".

    • Celebrate our differences rather than suppressing them.

Ultimately, successful collaboration is a mindset. Once you embrace this concept, not only does it become easier to navigate, but it also becomes a significantly more rewarding experience. You're welcome to join this empowering movement!

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