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New AI tools for improved productivity

1 February 2023
Moshiko Ophir
Midjourney opening screen

The AI (artificial intelligence) world is everywhere and has recently gained momentum thanks to ChatGPT and Midjourney. Using various tools, artificial intelligence can facilitate operations that, in the not-so-distant past, required a lot of work to reach a final product.


Unbeknownst to many, there are tools that we use every day that make use of AI. For example, Facebook recommends photo tags using image recognition, Waze offers optimal travel routes combined with prediction models, Amazon recommends products you might also like using smart machine learning algorithms, etc.


So, let's delve into this big concept for a moment: AI is the notion that machines will think like humans, or in other words, perform tasks like thinking, planning, learning, and understanding language. Artificial intelligence is not yet near human intelligence, but it bears significant implications for the future and our lives. The brain behind artificial intelligence is a technology called Machine Learning, designed to make our work easier and more productive.


Today, many organizations are using artificial intelligence to provide greater business value to increase productivity, improve customer experience, make better decisions, and create new revenue opportunities.


Thanks to the rapid growth of AI, many AI-based tools have recently emerged in multitudes, designed to create and optimize our operations, both as personal users and as business companies, effectively and quickly.


Here are some examples of different topics:


AI that removes background sounds, noises, and echoes from conversations - Krisp

Creating unique music that accompanies the brand story - Beatoven

AI-based studio-quality recording from your home computer - Podcastle


AI-based content to create effective communication with users - Copy

Creating AI-based content pages - Unbounce Smart Copy

Creating authentic content for emails, social networks, and documents - Wordtune



Creating a design logo from text guidelines - Illustroke

Creating unique backgrounds using AI - Patterned

Creating dedicated stock images - Stockimg


Creating short videos from a long video - Vidyo

Create Custom Videos - Maverick

Creating videos by typing text - Synthesia

Knowledge Management:

Building an AI-based knowledgebase for teams - Puzzle

Saving and sharing knowledge and insights from meetings - Otter

Content optimization through AI - Inkforall

In conclusion, AI has many effective uses that can help us. The technological world has begun to offer more AI-based tools, and in fact, the revolution is already here. The most crucial insight is that we must choose the tools that give us real value so we can integrate artificial intelligence integrally and effectively that suits our needs.

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