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Navigating the KM Evolution: Embracing AI and Change Leadership

16 August 2023
Dr. Moria Levy
AI- machine led and human led

I've always been an advocate for the power of knowledge management (KM). For over 25 years, I've taken great pride in not only assisting organizations and society but also in embracing the exciting journey of a relatively new discipline, actively contributing to its growth.

Yet, times are changing, and change brings promise. The emergence of Generative AI has shaken the very foundation of KM. It's a "before and after" moment. KM, as we've known it, is transforming never before.

Amid this seismic shift, one thing is clear: there's no need for resignation. The rise of AI doesn't spell the end of our role. As Susskind astutely reminded us, automation won't entirely replace us; instead, it will bring about varying degrees of augmentation, both in terms of complete automation and collaborative human-machine interaction.

As depicted in the chart attached, there are domains where our leadership will shine. In previous years, our focus predominantly revolved around establishing a strong foundation. This approach was warranted, as organizations needed to solidify the basics before venturing into the depths. Yet, the landscape is shifting, and we are uniquely positioned to spearhead this transformation.

Embracing this change resonates with my intention. I'm committed to being at the forefront of this evolution, steering the course, and contributing to the future of KM. Let's navigate these uncharted waters together.

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