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Mindflex: The Benefits of Mental Flexibility

1 March 2023
Dr. Moria Levy
head made from gears illustration

The term mindflex stands as an abbreviation for mind+flexibility.

Why should our mind benefit from being more flexible?

We look at our minds as fabulous machines, and for a good reason. They hold our values, beliefs, and attitudes. They also control our memory (data, information, and knowledge) and guide our understanding. However, in real life, there are situations where conflicts occur between two interests (what will benefit me more- standing in for my values or my convenience); sometimes conflicts arise between values or attitudes, etc. The ability to bridge these and hold parallel thinking, preferring the "and" on the "or", both patterns can exist together, dramatically improving the decisions we make and how we feel.

My main takeaways:

1. Mindflex is not only between you and me. It also improves the "me and me". It changes how we used to think about finding compromises, to finding new ways where both interests are achieved with no need for compromising.

2. Mindflex catalyzes collaboration; however, collaboration also catalyzes mindflex, as it gives us the dimension of critical thinking, opening us to new directions.

Thank you, Arthur Shelley, for being so enthusiastic about this topic and for sharing it through the 4th session of Knowledge Management Global Network 's course.

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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