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Micro Copies

1 February 2015
Ella Antes

t's the little details that make the difference…

Picture an afternoon stroll on a busy street in London. There, in a shop window. A classy, elegantly designed handbag. In the shop, you hold the handbag in order to examine it. You examine the stitches and adjust the straps (maybe even smell the leather). You then open the bag in order to examine its interior and discover a small note connected to another zipper. The note states: "if you want a bigger bag, pull this zipper".

What can a small note like this do? It can do a lot. It can direct and instruct us what to do and how to do it. It can inspire us to research, surprise and humor us. This sort of note can create a different sort of shopping experience. The difference between an ordinary shopping experience and an extraordinary one is in the small details.

In terms of the WEB world, this note's equivalent would be the MICRO COPY.

The "copy" component of the term is the textual material from which sites are comprised. The "micro" component signifies "the little things". In other words, a site's content is its engine. This is why you are reading (to be precise, scanning) this article or gaining mileage on your Facebook account. The micro copy is the mediator between the site and its content.

What is the micro copy? Usually it is a short text or single words placed in different locations throughout the site that assist the user while navigating through the site. A micro copy assists us in performing activities throughout the site as well as understanding it better. Sometimes a micro copy simply adds some spice to the site's visitor experience.


Furthermore, a micro copy also manifests the nature and values of the organization. A micro copy that explains the content correctly, while manifesting the organization's nature, proves to the customers and workers that these are authentic values expressed in the site or organizational portal and enhances these messages. A micro copy transcends the message clearly, simply and in a tone appropriate for the situation, as hereby demonstrated:

Microcopy assisting in filling a formal form, yet smiling

Microcopy reflecting the non-formal organizational spirit

The micro copy as a concept isn't new. Nevertheless, its utilization is being developed, upgraded and applied in various forms. It has also been referenced in several reviews regarding the motives of site construction in 2015.

To conclude, micro copies are small yet important. it's the little details that upgrade the user experience and ad

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