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Managing the Transition to Community-Based Knowledge Management

1 July 2022

Dr. Moria Levy

Turning from a group to a community.

This is probably one of the more delicate changes, many of us experience while helping our organizations and customers in their KM journey. This is one of the challenges we are dealing with nowadays within Knowledge Management Global Network. It was easy to build a sense of community when we had on board a small network with a few countries meeting monthly and sharing KM activities. It was easy when people were together in one physical space every year for at least two days. So how do we expand it, now that we have more countries and networks, much more people, and hardly any physical meetings or even long ones?

The change must be twofold- in minds and souls.

How in mind? From getting value from KMGN colleagues.

How in the soul? From feeling a sense of trust and familiarity with others.

The change has to be managed both top-down and bottom-up:

Top-down: By designing the opportunities to be together, learn together, and discuss or learn one from another; by celebrating together personal, group, and culture-wise. By running joint events and projects. By highlighting the various networks or individuals, asking them to step forward and share.

And bottom-up: By sharing and collaborating. By participating in the events and projects, trying even to play an active role. But furthermore, by asking and answering. Our Linkedin and Whatsapp channels are great platforms for discussion.

Starting a new KM project? Even if we know how to perform it, share with our colleagues the type of the project and its attributes, and ask who has some fresh, exciting ideas about planning or implementation. Questioning, of course, can take place when we handle a KM challenge. Asking does not mean we do not have an answer. Listening to others may bring in more angels and options, turning the solutions to being even better and us- being more respected. Answering, I believe, is easier for us most times. We have to practice our questioning. Later, we can celebrate together, sharing success or quick wins.

So we all have to work to make this happen.

Together we will reach new horizons.

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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