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Managing Knowledge with Personal Significance

1 January 2019
Sagit Salmon
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I began my professional journey as a service representative at a cellular company. Even when knowledge administration was perceived as a luxury, it had already been an established practice two decades ago. I belonged to a generation unfamiliar with binders. Knowledge administration was my constant companion in my humble role, surrounded by walls and headphones. Later, I transitioned to the Knowledge Administration team, where the team was sizable and skilled. Knowledge administration was considered a vital system within the organization, indispensable for customer service.

Over time, I moved on and joined Rom. I encountered various knowledge management solutions and realized that not every organization values knowledge management. Many organizations hesitate to invest in it, questioning its importance, value, and organizational benefits. One doesn't embark on this path without being convinced of its righteousness. These questions led me to ponder what the organization would gain from managing the knowledge I provide and whether it is the optimal solution to the need. Answers are seldom straightforward; they are rarely uncomplicated.

A few years ago, we coined the term 'knowledge management with meaning.' This term enables me, as a professional, to grapple with the challenging questions.

Internal knowledge management solutions hold immense significance for employees within the organization. These solutions streamline and enhance work processes, provide technical support, ensure accessibility and simplicity in offering services to employees, organize scattered documents and knowledge in the virtual space, and document the wisdom of veteran employees in anticipation of their departure or retirement.

Simultaneously, our focus extends beyond the organization, contemplating, formulating, and implementing knowledge management solutions for the benefit of external stakeholders: customers, suppliers, partners, service centers, and websites, and improving communication with customers through enhanced letters and documents. Whether public or large economic organizations, we encounter them in our daily routines. Participating in a knowledge management activity that may personally impact me is what I consider knowledge management with personal significance, bringing immense satisfaction.

Congratulations to Rom on its 20th year, and here's to many more years of meaningful knowledge management.

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