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1 October 2007
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What are Corn Flakes without their rooster? What are raisins without their sun-maiden the box?

The marketing activity outlines a route according to which interaction with clients will be conducted. Whether if this is an intra-organizational client or an extra-organizational one, there is a need to connect the client to the provided service as to the service provider and to generate communication, understanding and loyalty. The logo is the graphical symbol which is identified with said marketing activity, the 'face' of the concept, created in order to indicate and symbolize another factor and to be identified with it in the service consumer's consciousness. A logo creates reality, a logo generates identification with a specific world of values, and logo defines identity. In short, a logo means you exist.


The first task on the road to a logo is based on the use of cultural resources and includes recruiting all interested parties in order to map the knowledge world from which the community is comprised. Thus, in a positive atmosphere in which all answers are correct, all sorts of associations from communal life can be brought up: contents, messages, values and objectives and "by the way" an opportunity for a focused draft of community 'ambassadors', workers who can represent it and defend it with their bodies during later stages. It is important to remember that correct marketing utilizes any

Identify the core values:

The associations raised during the first stage will serve now, in the second stage, as a basis for identifying central values in the community, the same values we would like to externalize when communicating with the intra-organizational client. During this stage, identify the values perceived as those that reflect of the organizational culture, define the added value of each value, and review its reflection of the organizational culture as well as the communal culture. It is preferable to focus on three values out of the group of identified values and to make sure that they indeed merge well and enhance each other and are not "competing" values. At the end of this stage, the chosen values are combined into an independent and distinct entity which at this point remains formless.

Choose a representing image:

This stage focuses on processing the core values identified as central. What was earlier a collection of values comprised of distinct segments of knowledge should become a cohesive and uniform image with a clear message with the power to represent the Knowledge Management community. How do you choose a representing image? Use your imagination and creativity: The values received during the second stage will serve as a format on which the image can be constructed. It can be an owl for wisdom or an acronym of the chosen core values. An image can be a symbolical motif of business values such as a handshake symbolizing professionalism. It is preferable to perform a test which includes reviewing the chosen core values apart from their connection to the organization and what we know about it and will examine their connection to the shapeless entity created during the previous stage. After choosing an image bearing a specific message, make sure it indeed aligns with the organizational message.

Work graphically:

An especially important step in which the distinct independent entity that was characterized during the third stage is shaped, validated and graphically processed meticulously. This stage enfolds a marketing opportunity to generate organizational resonance by holding a logo producing competition in the community. Towards the competition, define the chosen image we wish to see in the received suggestions. The message throughout the competition is positive and sharing and at its end you can have a vote. It is preferable to make sure the competition is held in a positive atmosphere and no unnecessary tension is caused between those who suggested images. Another option is to choose an external company to provide a number of suggestions from which the community can pick one by vote.

Launch and implement:

The branding activity is sealed with a launching event that enhances connection to the chosen logo, demonstrates its correct use and creates a connection between the knowledge community members and service provider. In order to institute the use of the logo, use every chance you get to present and share it. Incorporate the logo into the header of the community's homepage, banners, newsletters and teasers sent to edge users, make sure it is imprinted into the stationary. Complenentary equipment bearing the logo can contribute to completing the marketing message and encourage the buzz around the community.

conclusion, the logo is a product of the process in which the image takes form and provides validation to the message and character of our community. The logo is based on content and cultural aspects of the communal world, to which it provides a visual manifestation. If we use the logo production process correctly, we can benefit from equally important byproducts such s defining the community's values, creating alliances and enhancing the connection to edge users.

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