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Live KM

1 July 2017
Anat Bielsky
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Lately, it has become apparent that the Live Video feature in social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter has become increasingly popular. This feature displays events in real-time and allows users to display the creation of authentic content. This feature (e.g. Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Periscope by Twitter) has become more accessible: the user needs to merely click on Go Live and the video stream is documented in real time and distributed throughout the social networks. Thus, a user can document and retrieve much information that would have been lost had other formats been used.Furthermore, this element makes the data more accessible to viewers since it can be viewed live (though can be accessed later as well) via both computer and Smartphone. This phenomenon substantially increases the amount of views each video garners by users worldwide. Another important element this component features is the immediate feedback it allows viewers to provide in real time and feel they are participating in the activity themselves.

In the organizational world: These applications can be utilized for intra-organizational purposes; the live-feed platform is a fine tool for conveying messages and producing organizational transparency. This can be attained by documenting lectures, meetings, tutorials, etc. This element can be of assistance especially when the organization is interested in transmitting the message verbatim to workers not present at the time at said meetings/conventions/tutorials thus sharing the info with all workers. This is especially efficient when the workers are distributed nationally or globally.When using Facebook Workspace, for example, one can upload a live video stream to a specific group and the notification regarding this upload will appear in the users’ newsfeed, allowing users to forward the video according to their authorizations. The platform can also be used for external users: municipalities can broadcast their meetings online when discussing matters relevant to most civilians, companies can live stream product demonstrations, messages for investors, etc.Users find video content easier to consume than written content. The live stream allows the viewers to feel part of the activity and thus enhances the sense of engagement we wish to attain. This tool is therefore quite valuable.In conclusion, according to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index by 2019 eighty percent of internet traffic is consumption of video content.



Also, it seems that similarly to the extended use internet users make of live streaming videos, this phenomenon will become more dominant in the organizational world as well. For more on the use of videos in organizations, click here.


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