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Let them develop Applications for SharePoint 2013!

1 December 2015
Elad Piran
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The 2013 version of SharePoint is characterized, among other things, by its Apps architecture- not only are its Web Parts available for use on the website, so are the App Parts which are 'building blocks' structured for setting up the website and as such have their designated uses. Furthermore, the organization can purchase more apps via the Microsoft Application Shop using a model derived from the successful mobile application model.

Nevertheless, there might be a specific organizational need which is not addressed by the existing apps, including those available at the shop. This situation calls for application development.

Application development for SharePoint 2013

Application development for SharePoint 2013 is simple. The various development tools grow more sophisticated with each version and simplify the development process.

In the past, developing code X was applicable exclusively on website X. In order to use the application on another website, one had to conduct some adjustments to the site. These apps, however, are "closed" building blocks, available for use on any website we wish. All you have to do is distribute and utilize. Thus, one app development can serve many organization workers who now do not need to turn to the developer- they can simply search for the relevant app in the organization's app collection. This is Re-Use at its best.

Note: Microsoft has lately decided to change the term SharePoint Apps to the new term SharePoint Add-ins. Click here for a detailed explanation on the Microsoft website.

Hereby are some instruction videos (from YouTube) for getting started with app development in a SharePoint environment:

Introduction to SharePoint 2013 App Model

Developing Apps for SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio 2013

Developing Apps for SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio 2012

Of course, there are thousands of other available video manuals of this sort.

Do you want to leverage this option in your organization?

Announce a contest between the organization's development workers involving innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of SharePoint 2013 application development. Provide them with time and incentive and who knows? Maybe one of them will develop the next hot solution for your organization. Your developers will need ideas for what kind of application is needed. Well, announce a contest between all SharePoint users in the organization, in which the users offer innovative ideas for development. These ideas can then be suggested to your application developers!

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