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Knowledge Raffle

1 June 2003
Dr. Moria Levy

How do you get an audience, specifically your workers, to get closer to new knowledge subjects which we wish to promote?

This is a question which we discuss repeatedly during the initiation of Knowledge Management activities (sometimes even during their maintenance). There are different methods; some are only suitable for a specific organization, some are general. One of these methods is the Knowledge Raffle.

The method consists of a quiz on the knowledge subject, followed by a raffle and prize. The challenge is to raise the interest and occupation with this specific knowledge subject in the organization.

Quizzes and questionnaires with prizes can increase activity and use of KM technology tools (especially if the tool is a forum or knowledge community). The prizes should be somehow related to the field: a book or course, for example. This can be performed in knowledge communities or any other Knowledge Management system in the organization.

A purple gift box with yellow ribbon and a gift card
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