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Knowledge Management products

1 July 2020
Sahar Sade

Many products define themselves as Knowledge Management products. While some are well known and frequently used, I wish to focus on some lesser known products.

  • Atlassian: an international organizational software that enables sharing for software development and project management environments. It sells its products online via its website.

  • Attivio: a company providing data analysis tools via an activa AI search engine. This engine provides a software platform which offers an organizational search, Business Intelligence, data storage, process automation and business analysis. It incorporates structured and unstructured content in a single index. Thus, said content may be easily searched, analyzed, and interpreted.

  • Bloomfire: an organization producing internet-based software applications meant to increase virtual knowledge and insight sharing within the organization. The software enables users to create communities in which one can post Q&As, add, or generate new content and search/browse existing content. Its purpose is to increase accessibility to data in the organization to provide workers with the knowledge they may require performing efficiently. The software supports 53 types of file, thus enabling users to upload video and audio files, pictures, slides, and text documents. It showcases automatic video and audio copying features, converting it into searchable text.

  • Broad vision: an international software supplier specializing in self-service internet apps for social organizational software, e-trade, organizational portals, and customer relations management. One of the company's prominent tools is QuickSilver, which enables businesses to create and publish long and complex documents in various formats and languages.

  • Coveo: a platform supporting search technology and modular organizational recommendations which allows users to add an index of data stored in various databases, use machine learning to make content accessible and retrievable via search-blocking interfaces.

  • Empolis Information Management: supplies a smart data management software, a combination of Knowledge Management, content management and service management. Smart data management represents intelligent creating, managing, and processing of all data relevant to the organization regardless of any characteristics such as producer, source, format, application, user location or device. It thus allows users to receive reliable, precise, and relevant information.

  • Fresh Desk: a company supplying organization management solutions. It offers several features, including:

    • A call system which combines elements of email, phone calls, chat, and social network- all in one tool

    • Automation of workflow to fixed or repetitive processes to conserve human resources otherwise applied for manual operation

    • Substantial database, internal searching, community message boards and a support bot allowing organization members to navigate more easily.

    • Preparing personally adapted reports including insight management and lessons learned.

The company also provides users a free trial period for further examination to allow users to try out and/or positively impressed by these products and services.


  • Safe Harbor is a company which provides knowledge base management services, specializing in assisting organizations in sorting and organizing knowledge bases and supportive content. They do so by examining and updating knowledgebases continuously, noting any flaw in content and immediately sending any "suspicious" content to be handled by the support crew. Furthermore, they document content such as FAQs, frequent problems, and their solutions for future use

  • Zendesk is a simple tracking, prioritizing and support solution management system. Among its products are a support call management system, knowledge-based self-use guide, direct messaging service, call management software, analysis and report tools, community message board, etc.

  • SABIO GmbH is a company providing Knowledge Management services. One of its advantages is that it offers a free trial period so to try out their services and products. It offers a search engine equipped with smart algorithms which study users' every interaction, constantly improving the search. The results are presented dynamically, based on relevance, exposure, popularity, and tags. Additional filters (e.g. content type) can be used to perform a specific, personalized search.

These tools, among others, are meant to allow organizations and users to effectively manage the organization's knowledge, each in their own way according to their varied expertise. This enables each organization to choose the tool which is most compatible with their needs.


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