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KMGN's Advanced Methodologies Course: Insights for KM Leaders

1 June 2022
Dr. Moria Levy
a chart of what Km leaders think

KMGN - KM Advanced Methodologies Course. 21 weeks. 87 people attended and completed the task. So what can Knowledge Managers all over this globe learn from what KM leaders think?

This was a series of professional content (4.73 out of 5).

It gave a significant added value (4.52 out of 5).

All sessions were important (asking from what sessions people learned the most, yielded answers on all topics- see figure above).

So why is it relevant to all knowledge managers, whether they took part or not in this course?

First, as this is probably the list of topics that all of us, knowledge managers, have to be familiar with.

And second, as the sessions are all available, free of charge to all knowledge managers, and others who are interested in these issues, and can be found on @KMGN's youtube channel. Please distribute the link in the first comment below, to everyone.

Together we can make a collective impact, bringing better and more sound KM wherever we are.

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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