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KM in 2017: forecasts and expectations

1 January 2017

Dr. Moria Levy

It's December again and the seasonal question arises (as it always does): what does the future hold in store? What trends can we expect to encounter in 2017?

In general, trends can be divided to 3 levels/categories:

Trends which have already been (substantially) actualized in past years and will probably remain in focus this coming year; new trends, which we may or may not have been discussed in the past yet we predict they will be relevant for many organizations; trends which are discussed yet will remain in the realm of theory and forecasts.

Specifically referring to 2017, hereby are the central trends:

  1. Social:

  2. UX Focus:

  3. Cloud solutions(SAAS):

  4. Visual:

  5. Customer oriented KM:

  6. Knowledge Management and decision-oriented data management:

  7. Mobile:

In conclusion: we have advanced greatly in past years and continue to advance into 2017; we still have some room for improvement which will hopefully be accomplished in coming years.

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