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KM and me

1 January 2019
organising posits

Surprisingly, Knowledge Management was actually always there, even before It was coined as a term and discipline. I, personally, since I remember myself, have always been attracted to the written word, to its power and its ability to make a change.

I arrived at ROM Knowledgeware approximately a decade ago after working at several other workplaces where I dealt with content writing. Working at ROM, I immediately understood the importance of correct context, clear and concise phrasing, and the various ways to adapt content and make it optimally accessible to the target audience.

My set of skills has substantially expanded. The power of the written word, and information in general, to make a meaningful change, was apparent throughout my years of work for ROM executing a variety of projects: projects related to welfare, banking, health, etc. are all fields in which written knowledge is highly important. They also provide one with a sense of fulfilment as these fields affect us directly as citizens.

Today more than ever, we are surrounded by knowledge in every aspect and area of our daily routine. I believe that the various tools for treating knowledge and making it accessible are being merged and integrally incorporated into our lives.

My set of KM skills is expanded on a daily basis as I both develop it and apply it  in both professional and personal situations.

Just ask my children; they'll tell you how I expose them to various tools and how they use at least one or two of them throughout their day.

Knowledge Management is a way of life, a road which I decide to travel each day.

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