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KM AI: AI technologies

1 May 2021
Dr. Moria Levy

April 27. 4th session of KM AI course.

In many AI advanced solutions, intelligence is based on data, rather than on explicit programming. Saying thus, AI technologies are not stupid at all; on the contrary.

Nowadays, we have a handful of advanced AI technologies and capabilities. Some deal with text (i.e. NLP, sentiment analysis); others deal with voice (i.e. speech recognition, speech synthesis). We have AI technologies dealing with our senses (i.e. computer vision, emotion detection) and we have clear cognitive based AI technologies (i.e. analytics, decision systems) and of course physical solutions (i.e. robots). I can continue on and on- but the message is clear: There are not only more and more AI technologies every year, but also more types of these. The AI technologies are covering more and more different intelligent capabilities, and these are implemented in various industries.

All these raise the question: Are we reaching the time when the machines will emulate consciousness? Will they actually turn consciousness? Will we always control them, or day will come, and they will control us?

We know that today AI machines are already better than us in performing some tasks. They are faster, sometimes better, and in some cases more objective. They already have capabilities we never dreamed they'll have. Who ever thought, several years ago, that AI machines will be better than us when it has to do with emotions or creativity? Weren't these the areas we promised ourselves that machines cannot touch?

I want to believe, that we will, as someone suggested, always be able to shut them down, and stay supreme.

I, at least, am not that sure, that it is actually the case. For one thing- I am very curious to witness this future. It is going to be interesting!

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

Dr. Annie Greem- AI technologies
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