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1 February 2009
Tal Aloni
Dr. Moria Levy
A person holding a glowing globe

Kiwi isn't merely a greenish-brownish exotic fruit, nor merely an exotic bird. It is also an acronym for Knowledge In a Wiki.

The KIWI approach was generated by the integration of three fields:

  1. Knowledge Management as a vital yet unexhausted organizational field.

  2. Wiki as an approach (not merely a technology) focused on promoting equality, simplicity, friendliness and flexibility.

  3. The semantic network which discusses networking items and structuring the semantic web.

KIWI is more than a mere approach. KIWI is a project (managed by the European community) aimed at better utilizing Knowledge Management as a result of integrating it with the open Wiki approach and the semantic network approach.

Synergizing the three components is the key to success.

KIWI is therefore a new type of semantic management through which knowledge can be given a new meaning by comfortably using links, templates and flexible user interfaces that support the knowledge-seeking and knowledge-creating user. The project's initators hope to generate a snowball effect of creating new knowledge by sharing existing knowledge

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