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Key success factors of collaboration

1 February 2023

What makes collaboration a success?

The Knowledge Management Global Network collaboration course, session 2, focused on the four key success factors of collaboration: people, culture, gravitation, and productivity.

Some tips as to these four main KSF of collaboration:

  • Respect one another; be open-minded and patient, especially with those different from yourself. Build trust.

  • When collaborating- remember that to err is human; however: 1- experiencing collaboration makes it easier to do it right from time to time, so don’t give up, and 2-learn from your mistakes, and the errors will turn into a success.

  • Understand that successful collaboration requires investment: time, thought, action, and passion. Because almost always, we will have more opportunities to collaborate than time- carefully choose your KM collaboration initiatives!

  • Use digital collaborative tools to leverage collaboration.

And my favorite one for today-

  • Use outcomes of the collaboration initiatives (the knowledge assets) as input for successive collaboration initiatives. It will make collaboration not only much more efficient rather much more effective.

This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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