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ISO30401 implementation- many of us speak English, yet we prefer our mother language

1 September 2021
Dr. Moria Levy
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KMGN- ISO30401 implementation task force. September 23rd, 2021. A global team of KMers, representing the five continents, meet together, analyzing current organizations' profiles and what will promote ISO30401 implementation. The language, as we learn, is a barrier.

The ISO 30401 standard was written in English and translated by ISO to French. Russia and Israel have officially translated it also to Russian and Hebrew.

That seems to cover a great deal; however, it is far from enough. We have 300 million Arabic speakers; we have nearly 500 million native Spanish speakers, over a billion Chinese speakers (Mandarin dialect), and of course, many other organizations and people worldwide with over 100 additional less-popular languages. Language, as it turns to be, is a barrier. We read a book or hear a lecture in another language that we learned; however, it is a significant barrier to preparing yourself for an audit in a language, not your mother tongue. We understand less, therefore, implement less; some even don't start the journey.

So I here call us all in the non-English-French-Russian-Hebrew languages places. Conduct teams for each language, consult your local ISO institute and start projects to translate ISO30401. We, as KMers, must promote knowledge management all over the world, bring prosperity to organizations and society through KM. The standard is another way to excel in KM, and promoting the standard is our responsibility.

This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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