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ISO 30401 implementation- where do we start?

1 October 2021
Dr. Moria Levy

ISO30401 implementation. We meet together, knowledge managers from all over the world, trying to figure out how to start this journey. When a standard is recognized by the market, organizations require their suppliers to comply, demonstrating their KM efforts and outcomes. When a standard is well known, organizations use the standard to prove their excellence.

But when the standard is new, where do we start from? How do we start the trend?

There may be several types of organizations that will want to be pioneers. Among all the options, we prioritized organizations with strong KM teams; Organizations that already understand why KM is important, already implement it and are looking for the next stage of excellence. Implementing a KM standard has barriers to do with KM and barriers to do with the standard. Dealing with both together is probably too much.

So let's start with these organization with existing KM programs. The others will follow.

This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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