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1 October 2003
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An insight is a tip, lesson or practical recommendation for a practical method which can be generalized in order to be reused in similar situations. The knowledge encompassed in this insight is informal knowledge which was formulated in one of two ways:

  1. Passive: as a discovery or understanding derived from experience (either negative or positive) during the work process.

  2. Active: a product of a cumulative personal/group lesson learning process.

An example of an insight is a case of a research & development worker conduct an experiment of melting certain food ingredients. During the experience, the worker notices that melting the ingredients has affected the flavor of one ingredient and finds an alternative method which does not result in these side effects. After implementing this discovery/insight in a similar case, it is proven that the alternative technique is indeed proven as a worthwhile technique (i.e. it can be generalized for future use). Of course, insights can be discovered by the individual during his or her work, or by a team brainstorming or collaborating on its knowledge.

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