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Innovative Learning as a marketing channel

1 December 2021
Moshiko Ophir

We are living in an age in which learning is an integral component of our development, as we must remain updated and not stagnate. Learning propels us forward; this insight has been realized recently by business organizations. They have realized that in order to attract new customers and retain current ones, they must create a marketing channel that will serve as a learning platform for their product/products. Previously, in order to learn about a product, one had to take courses via designated learning platforms. Nowadays, companies develop their own courses. The customers, receiving their information from the company itself, then remain in its digital space.


For this learning platform to be a valuable marketing tool, companies have set up their own academia, complete with designated programs, courses by category, professional articles, blogs, webinars, etc. This rich content allows this academia to provide knowledge product-oriented solutions, and thus be an effective marketing channel.


Examples include:

Wix, a fine example of this phenomenon, which has developed a platform for website generation. Wix has started Wix Academy, which provides its users with tools to learn about the platform. There are two main features that assist them in navigation through the broad content: the first being a central search for relevant content, while the second is a map of the terms in the articles under the various categories. In other words, WIX is making website building, which is perceived as a complex field, easy, providing users with effective professional tools for the platform.

Salesforce, a powerhouse of cloud computing and CRM solutions. Salesforce has realized that their platform requires in depth learning. Salesforce therefore set up several learning categories under Salesforce Learn, the most popular category being the Trailhead Academy. This category is where Salesforce’s skills are implemented, divided into designated courses. You can also filter them according to rank, position, product, and tags. Another popular category is Trails: guided learning ‘trails’ using modules and projects in the shortest time possible. Trails is designed as a game, featuring a personalized game plan for learning new skills.

Through their trails and ordinations, Salesforce is attracting users that want to receive an official professional envelope.

Canva, a popular online graphic design platform. Canva has set up its Design School to make the platform’s various tools more accessible. The Design School is divided into courses, instructors, blogs, and events. Canva experts are those that convey the knowledge, so there is a personal learning aspect here that generates a sense of community. Design School was designed to study, experience, and enjoy the learning process through gamification.


Kaltura, a cloud-based video experience platform. The company sets up educational video platforms, and therefore created its own Kaltura Learning through which users can dive deeper into the videos small features and experience the platform’s User Experience while learning. Kaltura uses its learning channel as a marketing tool. Besides providing users’ the learning aspect, it provides them with a demo experience of their video platform.


A different approach to using innovative learning as a marketing tool is manifested in Linkedin’s learning platform, Linkedin Learning. This platform includes various courses in different areas such as business, technology, creative, etc. The marketing aspect lies in Linkedin advertising courses for learning its social network, while other courses relate to its career and networking vision.


Companies have realized that in order to attract new customers and retain current ones, one has to create an innovative and accessible learning schedule, that is not only a platform for its official training and ordination content but can also be used to learn of the company’s latest updates, its newest products and how to use its tools.

By setting up a learning channel, companies attract new users and retain current ones through content communities based on personal areas of interest. This grants users special access to content and direct updates from its source.


An innovative learning platform allows companies to keep their users in the digital space and generate engagement, a sense of community and a data on products. This marketing channel creates a unique online community based on a knowledge platform and allows users to access and share high quality learning content. The company thus markets itself as accessible, updated, professional and innovative.

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